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Paying For Our ‘Too-Much’ Sins?

So the killings happening to our people are a consequence of the sins of the Church in Nigeria? So our people in the villages (many of whom aren’t even Christians!) deserve to be butchered because the greater number of us (who live in the cities and towns) have gone very wayward and our mega-church pastors love money and they teach heresy? Really? And so, until we have all truly repented and begged God for mercy and we have all become righteous and holy, we must all be wiped away by these lawless bands of heartless killers, since it seems our loving Father has given us up for execution, because our sins have become too much – in a land still governed by Law and Constitution? The things I hear from some super-Christians at these moments of pain and grief! And while our peoples’ blood still drips from the butchers’ unrelenting swords! It’s like walking through a desolate part of your neighborhood and coming upon a young girl being raped by a gang of boys; imagine you stay quietly out of view until the bad boys finish and casually walk away, and then you go over to the devastated girl where she sits weeping, and you begin to scold her and to preach to her about the foolishness of dressing seductively and walking alone through lonely paths? How many curses should she rain on you?
So, now tell me: If our people deserve to be slaughtered because we have not been holy enough, what do our killers deserve? Applause? Accolades? Medals and awards? Does murder cease to be murder just because the person murdered was not pure and righteous? Do rapists deserve to walk away free because a girl was foolish enough to walk through a lonely path? In a land that has a government, and that has laws?
Or, maybe we should all go to the plain lands of Plateau, lay our necks down on the grass and call upon the Fulani herdsmen to come slaughter us all, to pay for our too-many sins?
We get so insensitive and mean, and we think we’re being spiritual!