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Listen To Counsel Sometimes?

Moses was going to kill himself! Yes, the very Moses who spoke face to face with God; the meekest man on Earth who enjoyed the rarest privilege of watching a show of Divine glory from the safety of a cleft in the Rock, Moses the revered man of God was headed for inevitable burnout in the desert – till timely unsolicited counsel from his visiting father-in-law passed some rescuing sense into his holy head. “You want to kill yourself? Share out the work, Moses!” was the sum of the counsel from Jethro the priest from Midian. Fortunately, Moses heard God in his father-in-law’s words.
All of us do-it-all-yourself workaholic leaders out there, let’s learn from Moses the man of God! Grab good life-saving counsel when it comes – even if the giver isn’t as super-spiritual and as knowledgeable as we believe we are. Sometimes?