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Reflecting with HUTSI – from my AWAKEN album


This song is track 1 from my 1999 album Awaken, written about the time of the Hutu/Tutsi crisis in Rwanda and Burundi that claimed so many lives. Across Africa today, violence still persists, and precious lives are lost every day.

I’m a Hutu, and I’m a Tutsi,
and my Hutsi blood flows red.
Hungry lions roam the city
snatching babies from their beds.

And every day my children waste away.
The city burns, the village is unsafe.
This starving tribe still wanders in the wild;
my children’s sunken eyes still ask me why.

Jesus won’t You please intervene today
before Africa burns her whole land away?
Master Jesus please do not hesitate:
let Your power move against our boiling hate!

I’ve been running from the burnings
trying to keep my bones intact.
I’ve been roaming in the forest
and my Hutsi skin stays dark.

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