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Amnesty and Lunatics

So, some lunatics invade our neighborhood, unleashing pain and death, their grouse being that the rest of us are NOT like them! And our Chief’s efforts to capture or subdue them fail miserably because this shade of lunacy proves rather smart and sophisticated. Clueless, our leader paces about, wondering if these are ghosts he has to deal with. Suddenly, someone whispers ‘AMNESTY,’ and Oga’s face lights up. Yes, amnesty it is! Quickly, he sends out word to the ghostly marauders, inviting them to come name their choice of flavors for the juicy package he is preparing for them, but to his dismay and chagrin, the belligerent Others, perhaps understanding that amnesty has something to do with pardon, promptly send back word insisting they have committed no offense, and suggesting that they should be the ones talking of pardoning the rest of us. What do we do? Now some of our neighbors are wondering who the real lunatics are: Those who insist we should be like them or die, or our leaders who imagine that one can placate lunacy with an offer of amnesty.

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