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It Is Possible!

I walked into a UBA branch two days ago and requested for a new debit card. The process took no more than 8 minutes: biometric scan, form filling, whatever else – and I had a ready Mastercard in my hand. About 8 minutes.
So, it is possible.
Therefore if your bank still tells you to come back after five working days to get your new card, tell them to go learn from UBA. And if you already bank with UBA and your branch still takes days to process your card request, ask their headquarters why, and if they perhaps need to consider redeploying someone.
It’s all about Someone, you know? It’s all about management, about leadership. It takes just Someone to make things work differently, because it is definitely possible!
And a lot more is possible, if we have the right Heads.
To apply for a driver’s license and obtain it same day, not be subjected to months of frustration and suffering while ‘it is still being processed’, is possible.
To apply for a voter’s card, and obtain it within the hour, rather than wait six months till it ‘arrives from Headquarters’, is possible. Really it should not take us months to identify an individual and issue him a voter’s card, after all that we have gone through in the past few years with respect to biometrics, mobile number registrations, BVNs!
We just must find the right Heads, if our systems must work!