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Jesus Did Not Speak ‘King James’

No, the Lord Jesus did not speak ‘King James’ English, and that language spoken in 17th Century England did not wear some ‘holy’ form that must be perpetuated at all cost. ‘Thou’ and ‘thee’ are not more spiritual than ‘you’, and when the resident Holy Spirit speaks to me, I do not hear Him say ‘whithersoever’ and ‘wherefore thou art’ and ‘whence cometh’. Sir, what’s the sense in reeling out Scriptures in the Old King James translation of the Bible to children and young believers and non-believers and people who in all likelihood cannot make reliable sense of many of the obsolete expressions in there? So that you can continue to enjoy the exalted office of Chief Decipherer and Decoder-General of coded Scripture? Please get out of the way; God wants to speak clearly and unambiguously to people!
But if you have become very used to the ‘Old King James’ version of the English language (I use KJV for reference and study!) and you have mastered it completely, go ahead and enjoy it, but don’t burden others with it who have only learned today’s English. Quit generating and perpetuating unnecessary confusion! That’s why many of your people say things like ‘God is beautiful for every situation’ and they would swear with their lives that Psalm 48:2 says so. Who would tell them, especially now that a few popular songs have driven that misquote into their souls, that Psalm 48:2 refers to Mount Zion and not God, or that ‘situation’ in the King James Bible does not mean situation in modern English? And when a man who knows only one meaning for the word ‘suffer’ encounters a phrase that says ‘Suffer the little children to come unto me,’ why shouldn’t he assume that children must be subjected to suffering to get them closer to the Master?
Let’s get out of the way; let language remain a medium for communicating, not a blockage, or means of generating confusion!