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Minding Our Business?

They say ‘men of God’ should mind only religious matters, and not meddle in politics; and we foolishly agree with them! No one has told doctors or lawyers or accountants or engineers or teachers or farmers or musicians or traders or mechanics or contractors to mind only their vocations or professions and steer clear of politics. The devil tricks us into alienating the very ones who should be able to give our politicking a godly face, and we’ve let mostly those who have no commitment to God and righteousness be the ones to define our politics. And now we call it a dirty game, as if it’s something that holy and righteous people should stay away from! What else could it have become then? It’s such a shame to hear Christians insist that Christian leaders should stay away from political matters. It’s like we’ve been bewitched, craftily conscripted by the devil into doing his very wish and advancing his cause against the Cross! The cream of the shame of it is that our Men of God now sit coy and dumb, munching disgustingly upon this cheap lie that theirs is a purely spiritual commission. We see evil thriving in high places and we say nothing, do nothing, wasting our precious influence and clout, men of God? Governments and leaders perpetrate unbelievable crimes against the people, and we sit here minding ‘our business’, hiding behind a hypocritical curtain of cowardly spirituality, men of God? Hopeless workers are committing suicide who have been owed many months’ salaries, and we are silent, men of God, waiting for our next church service where we’ll teach about giving and receiving and connecting with Heaven’s economy, and where we’ll extort more ‘seed’ offerings from the oppressed? Oh Father, help me! Just where do I start?