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We Have Work To Do!

So you’ve been saved, not by any works of righteousness you did or that you need to do! Jesus paid the full price for ALL your sins and you are totally free from guilt. Great! Congratulations! Now, Bro, can you quit yapping for a bit about the uselessness of works and get on to work? The unsaved are all around us and we need to play our part! Darkness and perversion sweep over the nations and we are the light and salt of the earth! The devil is messing up so many lives and we are to stand against him and bring his victims to freedom! Do you know what the phrases ‘fellow worker’ and ‘soldier of Christ’ mean? They mean WORK! There is more beyond getting saved! So, Bro, get off your lazy butts and go do some useful Kingdom work – not for earning salvation, but to show that you are indeed a son and not some bastard!