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Sons, No Bastards!

He must be an irresponsible son who goes about rejoicing only in the fact that his son-ship does not depend on what he does or does not do. Fellow believer, go and commit to Good Works. They don’t earn you salvation, but they please the One who saved your undeserving soul. You are not saved by Good Works, but you were saved FOR Good Works! And the last time I checked, children who don’t care about pleasing their fathers are generally considered ‘bastards’. Don’t listen to those who spend all their time trying to stage this fake battle between ‘Grace’ and ‘Works’ among believers. Find out what pleases your Father and do it! And do your best to stay away from those things that displease Him. And if anybody tells you that whatever you do (or do not do) does not matter to your Heavenly Father any more because Jesus died for you on the Cross, steer away from such a person.
Happy Fathers’ Day.

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