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Your Children Grow!

Sometimes we’ve sung to cynical youth –
Droves of kids disdaining truth –
Whose stances said, as oft before:
Boost the beats and damn the lore!

Sometimes it’s tender eager hearts,
Yet unhardened questing herds
Seeking fun and whatever else
Who frolic as we intercept.

And as the holy lore remains
The crux of the wobbly art we paint
We’ve seen youth yield in many scores
To the power of the Holy Cross.

There’ve been births, and not a few.
We’ve had help; yes, it’s been you!
Beyond your sight, your children grow
To numbers you may never know!

And prophecy says you will ask:
‘When did we tackle such a task?’
And He will answer you and say:
‘It’s all in what you gave away.’

Joe Ifah, November 15, 2015


(for Dave and Martha Rettberg)

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