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On Legalizing Disorders

disorder1Kleptomania is a disorder, as most enlightened folks would agree. Lately I have wondered: How would one respond to a kleptomaniacs’ rights group of activists who demand that their natural inclination to theft be respected, and that society accept them as ‘normal’? Homosexuality is not exactly like kleptomania, but, in the first place, in my opinion, the word ‘disorder’ connects them both. That genetic, psychological or other malfunction that makes anyone reach helplessly for what is not theirs cannot be seen to be worse than that which makes one human male to neigh after another. And until someone shows me one human child that has naturally emerged from a same-sex union, I insist that what some call the gay lifestyle is a gross disorder. That girl losing control in the arms of another girl is very sick indeed; her quickest cure could well be what my friends call Deliverance! Secondly, I see a connection (between kleptomania and homosexuality) in the fact that many homosexuals who go ahead with same-sex ‘marriage’ eventually end up on the path of theft. Or what do you call it when they decide they want to have children – and they stretch their soiled hands and warped souls to adopt children that their sickening chosen ‘lifestyle’ could never produce? Children are produced, as I’m sure even a homosexual is sane enough to realize, by sexual union between male and female; never by two sick same-sex persons messing fruitlessly with each other. That’s how our Maker set things up. And children produced by a male and a female, and breast-fed (where they have not grown too civilized for breast-feeding) by a caring lactating mother, do not deserve to be thrown in with some sick man calling himself Mum. Really, it should be illegal, indeed adjudged criminal, for same-sex couples to seek to adopt children who are not biological products of same-sex marriage! Just logical and fair! One thing else: shouldn’t states and regions that opt to legalize this disorder be required to also protect their saner citizens by making it a criminal offence for homos to engage in sex with non-homos unless they can establish that they were coerced or raped by the other? Furthermore, it should be stipulated that if they ‘divorce’ they should only be able to remarry same-sex! While conceding that societies may legalize what they choose, including these appalling same-sex consummations, I just can’t help but wonder why they have to call this derangement ‘marriage’. Can’t they just find another name for their thing?

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