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Stay Away From Them!

If they’re always quick to lash out with ‘Grace! Grace!’ whenever anyone condemns sin, STAY AWAY FROM THEM! The author of the grace we enjoy is the same one who said to the woman caught in adultery “Then neither do I condemn you. Go now and leave your life of sin.” This doesn’t sound to me like ‘My grace covers all your sins; go and rock on.’ If their message and their style does nothing to move you closer to the place of repentance and of abhorrence of sin, RUN AWAY FROM THEM! If they tell you it’s OK when Bible and Conscience say no, don’t wait for them to mouth Grace: PLUCK THEM OUT OF YOUR LIFE! And come to think of it: Who is that Bishop or Pastor that could be more precious to you than your very eyes? The Lord says, if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out; (and the words that follow imply that sin will keep some people out of the kingdom of God – Mark 9:47) If your Big Man Of God encourages you to sin on, or he in any way denies the utter gravity of sin, THROW HIM OUT OF YOUR LIFE! If they no longer call sin ‘sin’ and Scripture-defined abominations have become to them merely ‘different’ lifestyles that we should accommodate in the name of love and tolerance, DUMP THEM AND RUN! Unless, of course, making Heaven is of no importance to you!

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